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Today I bring you good news...I found a way to stop those annoying and stupid text messages from MTN, either coming from 3080,3355,4040,3124,33113, 33115, 35020, 35685, Is7vs10, and the likes of them....imagine getting 11messages in a day,and they all advert messages,imagine waiting for an alert on your on your phone and you receive a msg and is all this crap...
theses numbers have been a constant itch on my backside for sometime now, particularly when i just load my phone with credit. Sometimes its like i just load a MTN recharge vouch and Bam -Hello- 07702 or 077028 is calling and asking me if i would like some beauty tips or pregnancy tips (Like say i be chick)for N100, Press 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel. They forgot to tell me that end call button follow for the buttons way de confirm the service.

The worst of the bunch is the 3033 number from this same MTN. Imagine I am busy enjoying my sleep around 2Am and my phone starts ringing, thinking i had a call from someone important"maybe something serious happened". In a drowsy sleep mode i blind myself with my phone lights and peek at the now, its a text message from 5471898708, which reads "I looking to make friend, u luv", to which i promptly reply "Your father there thunder fire you".

I finally found a solution to this problem..from the stables of JONATHAN KAKA(C.E O kitzsoft computers..........
Get your phone, whether a high end mobile device or a nokia touch light.
Send Stop to 33111
Having done that, You'll be replied with a message:

You will be removed from our campaign database within 24hrs. Thank you.

Contact me incase of any laptop/phone problems,and get instant solution....thanks

PLS rebroadcast to help your friend who suffers from this mess...
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